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Witness the highest class of Display Board Advertising

Display board advertising undoubtedly is the most impactful mode of advertising in this technologically evolved world. However, it is desired to be the creatively most explicit about having the maximum impact in the minds of the viewer. If you are thriving to find the best display board advertising in your arena, look no further of Galaxy Advertisers.

Our specialities

The speciality about us has been our ability to delivering the smartest display board or LED board with the ability to enhance your brand name the most explicit way. We meticulously work on your advertisement panel board to make it the most exclusive and attention-grabbing.

Be it about the SMD or any other high-end technology, we assure you about the bests for your exterior display board. We can efficiently fulfil the needs of high-end DIP technology-powered exterior LED walls, for the brands aiming to grab the attention of a greater audience base.

Our all-in-one services

We are among the exclusive service providers in the segment of promotional display boards with the ability of end-to-end solutions in the most customised fashion. Our all-inclusive solutions cover all aspects, starting from developing the software, installation of hardware, preparing content, to a whole range of associated support. All these factors cumulatively make us the most celebrated name for outdoor media in West U.P.

Irrespective of shape or video type, we serve as per client’s preference

We don’t just provide display board advertising solutions, just like many others in this segment. The fact that distinguishes us is our ability to delivering the same in the most creative fashion. This is the reason that we are currently the most popular name for outdoor advertisement in Dehradun. No matter you want the display board in rectangular shape or in any customised fashion, we can deliver the same with perfection.

Similarly, starting from animation videos, graphic, to regular videos, we hold the expertise in any kind of display pattern the client wishes for. In fact, we give the flexibility for the client to select the display dimension as desired as well. All these factors thoroughly justify our status as the most celebrated service provider for outdoor advertising in Haridwar.

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