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A sales specialist knows it well about the relevance of hoarding advertisement in modern times. Despite the advent of digital promotions, hoarding advertisement still has managed to maintain its relevance. In this context, we at Galaxy Advertisers provide the highest range of options to choose from.

Those confused about which option to pick should consult the top hoarding advertising agencies for the best suggestion like us. At the same time suggesting the best option, we can help about creativity aspects as well as being specific about the outdoor Advertising in Uttarakhand.

Services we offer:

Standard Billboards or Bulletins:

These are also quite referred to as the bulletins among the marketing professionals for outdoor Advertising in Garhwal & Kumaon Region in Uttarakhand, and similar small cities. One can easily explore different variations of it while passing through the highways mostly. The quality of printing is boasted well as these are primarily the paper-based printings; though ultimately fixed on billboards for promotions.

To make it look more captivating, one may integrate the 3D elements with it. However, only the reckoned advertising hoarding companies should be trusted for these aspects. These can be made even more distinguishing through the integration of moving parts as well. This strategy works well for outdoor advertising in Haridwar and similar small cities.

Tri-Vision Boards:

Tri-Vision boards are equally popular options at similarly prominent tourist destinations. But the best part is that these are comparatively more budget-friendly. Here the external designs are separated into perpendicular strips, which boast three creatively unique messages in every eight seconds. The appearance and the mode of displaying the messages in an exclusive fashion make it special.


These options are among the most productive outdoor hoarding advertising types. In general, these are found integrated with the exterior portion of the huge buildings. Mostly, these forms of advertising strategies are popular for Outdoor Media in Uttarakhand. One can explore huge varieties in this segment as well. In fact, one can find these in incredible formats of even around 700 feet. The best part about the wallscapes is that the level of visibility is very extensive here. Moreover, these offer the scope of getting more attention dragging through special effects.

Moving Billboards:

Advertising messages appearing on the bodies of trucks and buses are something not very uncommon to find. These are explicitly made with high-end aluminum frames. In some occasions, these are also applied in the form of decals. Anyway, this promotional strategy can indeed grow the level of reach significantly for Outdoor Media in West U.P. and similar acrose Indian cities.

The quality and impact of these billboards are determined through the quality of panels used. Top companies thus prefer premium panels while making these billboards.

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